Tribal Art Hunting

Tribal Art Hunting Across Africa

FTG was formed over a decade ago, by a small group of European Tribal Art hunters and aficionados. In those early days, we often worked along side each other at numerous tribal exhibitions around Europe. We all shared a passion for tribal art and for wanting to 'do our little bit' to help alleviate the senseless and futile suffering in Africa. In particular, we agreed to focus on provision of 'clean water' & 'improved sanitation' projects in the villages we all used to visit. More recently, under the 'direction' of 'Steve Thanni', our focus has expanded from digging wells, to 'Malaria prevention' and building infants schools with medical facilities. Our team worked mainly on projects in Mali, Cote D'Ivoire, Liberia & more recently, Ghana where Steve has set up our 'African base' now. There are complexities of navigating certain other countries safely these days and although we still run our orphanages and myriad of small projects, we manage some of these through our teams there!!

We opened our joint UK Gallery years ago, in order to sell authentic tribal art from donations of our own extensive personal collections. We thereby raised abundant funds for our own aid projects which we actively participated in. These endeavours have more recently, developed into including many pieces we have procured from Chiefs in Africa who we worked closely with over the years. Due also to our 'focus' on Africa, and our many trips there, we are much more an online concern these days, and only utilise our new smaller gallery for private appointments. We have and will continue to, sell or exhibit some of our pieces through partner Galleries in Paris, Brussels, and hopefully soon, in New York.

The problems in Africa are way too big for FTG to deal with, or even claim to be making a big impact on. We can however, with the help of our charitable aid partners below, with whom we have worked or supported for many years - make the difference between life, death and happiness, to many hundreds of desperate and forgotten children; who rely solely on our efforts. Please visit our 'charitable Projects' pages for more information on FTG's recent and current aid projects in Africa.

Our partners 'Water Aid' 'SOS Childrens Villages''Medicins sans Frontieres' and 'Volunteer for change', truly RELY on donations, so please visit them and help if possible...

As a recently deceased, but very wise Chief, and close friend to us all, always reminded us - "the children 'now', are our future; and a big part of the long term cure of poverty and suffering in our villages"

NOTE: Neither Steve Thanni nor 'Fine Tribal Gallery' are a registered Charity. Donations towards any specific projects (whether Cash / Transfers) MUST be given directly to one of the 'registered' charities we support.  In 2016, as part of a 'relaunch' after the 'Limited Company' was 'dissolved', 'Fine Tribal Gallery UK' will be applying to become a UK registered 'Not for Profit' Organisation.