Charities we support

Charities we support...

NOTE: Neither Steve Thanni nor 'Fine Tribal Gallery' are a registered Charity. Donations towards any specific projects (whether Cash / Transfers) MUST be given directly to one of the 'registered' charities below. In 2016, as part of a 'relaunch' after the 'Limited Company' was 'dissolved', 'Fine Tribal Gallery UK' will be applying to become a UK registered 'Not for Profit' Organisation.

Steve sells his own 'private collection' pieces, or as in the case of the last year or so, he has been used as a conduit, for the sale of incredible pieces from Chiefs in Ghana and Cote D'ivoire to some private buyers in Europe and the US. (Such sales are / were 'private' and not 'through' Fine Tribal Gallery. These pieces were never the 'property' of Fine Tribal Gallery, and so very little profit was taken from these sales.

Steve & previously, FTG have often worked in unorthodox ways, selling pieces to customers, who either send monies 'direct' to the relevant Chiefs, or often pay by making donations to some of the charities below. Sometimes monies have been paid through 'Mission Fish' which channels money direct to charitable projects, and therefore does not come through us. Steve as always, takes monies from his own sales / 'Chiefs private sales', direct to the villages / Chiefs, and works on projects 'he' chooses to work on.

Over the last decade or so, Steve Thanni & Fine Tribal Gallery have supported many charitable enterprises, projects and agencies.

As and example, during the recent 'Mali crisis' a few years ago, Steve & FTG worked with 'The Red Cross', 'Water Aid' and some local NGO's to set up a refugee camp for fleeing women and children. We helped feed and treat many hundreds caught up in the diaspora caused by the terrible conflicts in the North and around Mopti. Our teams in depth knowledge of Mali and its dialects was invaluable during this crisis. See our 'refugee crisis' page..

Our aid partners 'Water Aid' , 'SOS Childrens Villages', 'Medicins sans Frontieres' and 'Volunteer for change', truly RELY on donations, so please visit them and help if possible...

See projects we have worked on jointly with our charitable partners here


KIVA is a Charitable enterprise that acts as a conduit between people and organisations who want to help promote small businesses in poor countries and communities, by 'lending' individuals or groups of villagers, medium term small loans in order to start or expand very small enterprises.

Steve Thanni & Fine Tribal Gallery are partnered with Kiva, and have long believed in helping local communities become self reliant and self sufficient, especially where the businesses involve or help the local community as a whole.

(Give a man a fish and he can feed his family a meal. Give a man a fishing rod, and he can feed his family indefinitely!)

Over the years, Steve & FTG have been involved in literally hundreds of small loans, through Kiva, NGO's and direct to villagers and Chiefs.

With Kiva, we currently have many loans, mainly in West African countries. In many cases, we support villages with Kiva loans whom we historically used to visit ourselves, such as in Mali. Due to rebel activities and civil unrest, it is no longer viable for us to visit some of these villages, however, through the Kiva network, we can still help to support them.

Loans are repaid (mostly) and then often loaned again to the same groups, or we rotate who gets our loans based on their locations or specific needs.

See a copy of our FTG Kiva account below, as of 01/03/2016

(we normally relend all repaid monies, once our 'balance' reaches $1000)

Fine Tribal Gallery - Kiva account


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