Matisse Exhibition

Matisse Exhibition, Royal Academy of Art, London 2017

Fine Tribal Gallery were fortunate to visit this wonderful exhibition of Matisse. What was so interesting were the links he had with African art which influenced much of his work. We were very happy to see much evidence that Matisse had influenced the tribal carvers and artists in Cote D'Ivoire and the Congo where he visited several times. There is also much evidence that Matisse gave several masks and objects from his travels to Africa, to his good friend 'Picasso'. This in turn influenced directly Picassos cubism period.

There were several parts of Matisse work which had irrefutable links with much of the 'Gouro Tribe' Zaouli figures and masks which we acquired from a head Chief by the name of Konja in Central Cote D'Ivoire. In particular, the colours and designs seen in Matisse paintings and his lovely patterned cloak, clearly modelled on the cloaks of the Zaouli figures.

We will hopefully be exhibiting some of our amazing Gouro collection in one of the worlds most prominent Museums of tribal art, along with exhibitions we are currently planning to do in London or Paris.

This is an extremely rare collection of Gouro spiritual pieces from 5 prominent Chiefs in Cote D'Ivoire. To our knowledge, we are the only Gallery to have been able to bring such pieces out of Africa in the last few years. We have the blessing of Chief Konja and the other Chiefs to bring them to Europe to show the world their art. All the pieces have been verified by the National museum in Abidjan, and the National museum in Ghana from where they were exported to the UK, with certificates.

Many samples of this collection have been taken to the Museum of Arts and Science laboratory in Germany for testing for authenticity by their expert Dr Martin Mathaes. He has verified both the ages claimed by the Chiefs as well as the types of wood available to the carvers at that time.

We also have strong evidence that most of the carvings were either carved by, or presided over, by one of the most famous carvers from West Africa at this time - Sabu bi Boti, making this collection quite an amazing find for us, and for the world to see!