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Past Exhibitions

Promoted exhibitions (Note: Pictures of our exhibitions in 2018 / 2019, will be posted soon)

'The Spiritual Power of West Africa' UK Exhibition

The Terrace Gallery exhibition of 'The Spiritual Power of West Africa' in conjunction with 'The Collection Museum', was attended by curators of four prominent tribal art museums, from London, Paris and the USA, as well as some notable trustees. We were grateful for the support and help from some of our good friends and respected gallery owners from Paris and Belgium.

An enjoyable three day exhibition with over '450' visitors (150 on the preview press night alone).

** Our 'surprise' auction, with pieces 100% donated by FTG raised over £12,000 on the first night, for our sponsored charities . Our many thanks in particular to the 'British Museum' for their help, support and guidance with this and previous exhibitions.