Scott AUS



This is a collection of authentic Benin Bronzes sold by Fine Tribal Gallery in 2013/2014 to the Scott Collection.

All these pieces came from a sitting Benin Chief and have been sold by a sitting Ghana Chief to benefit the children in villages across 3 countries. The big Pot which has been displayed in the Royal Palace in Benin and also shown by a prominent Chief in Ghana to visiting dignitaries, has just been valued by a prominent dealer in the US for upwards of $75,000. It came with an Oba king figure, 2 guards and a plaque of guards.

The pieces are all currently being exhibited in our UK Gallery. There are 2 prominent museums whom we have approached, who are considering showing some of the pieces. (Available to view on request)

Some pictures taken outside of Chiefs 'Office' in Africa 2010. Others taken in our Paris Gallery 2014.